VIMC aims to become No. 1 integrated maritime logistics group in Vietnam

7/11/23 11:35 AM

Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) is striving to become the top integrated maritime logistics group in the country, as set out in its development strategy for 2021-2030, with a vision to 2035.

To achieve this goal, VIMC will focus on business development in three areas, namely shipping, seaports, and maritime services. The company will develop integrated logistics chain services to build its ecosystem. Seaports will play a core role, with shipping – especially container transport – forming an integrated chain to better serve customers.

By 2025, VIMC is striving to optimise its strengths and advantages to increase its competitive edge, and the 2030 goal is to occupy the number-one position in Vietnam’s maritime industry.

The group’s fleet will reach a tonnage of about 1.5 million DWT by 2025, accounting for about 20 per cent of Vietnam’s total shipping fleet. It will develop a container fleet of about 200,000 DWT (16,000-20,000 TEU), equivalent to 30 per cent of the total tonnage in Vietnam. The domestic container cargo output is expected to increase to capture to 25 per cent of the market, making it the leading container shipping organisation in the nation.

In terms of ports, VIMC aims to reach an average cargo output of about 136 million tonnes per year by 2025. The total wharf length stands at about 15km, of which, the area for large tonnage ships has a total of eight wharves and a length of 2.5km. Its capacity is 20 million tonnes per year.

For its maritime services business, VIMC will develop a logistics infrastructure system including warehouses, yards, distribution centres, road transport fleets, and barges with a total area of about 750,000 square metres.

VIMC aims to become No. 1 integrated maritime logistics group in Vietnam

By 2035, VIMC visions becoming Vietnam’s top integrated maritime logistics group, leading the Southeast Asian market with the global scope of its operations.