VIMC cooperates with Roland Berger to build a breakthrough development strategy

8/11/23 4:33 PM

On November 6, Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) signed a contract with the world’s leading strategic research and consulting unit Roland Berger to provide strategic consulting services titled “Developing Vietnam Maritime Corporation – JSC until 2030, Vision to 2035: building and implementing solutions to realize the vision.”

By 2035, VIMC intends to be Vietnam’s No. 1 integrated maritime logistics group, with a strong reputation and competitiveness in the Asian region and a global reach of operations.To achieve the objectives mentioned, VIMC must select a credible consulting firm. Following a procedure of selecting an international consulting contractor in accordance with Vietnamese legislation, VIMC has chosen the Joint Venture of Roland Berger Pte Ltd – Singapore and Roland Berger Company Limited (Roland Berger) as the international consulting contractor. The unit will work with VIMC to implement the company’s development strategy until 2030, with vision of 2035.

Roland Berger, this is the world’s leading strategic consulting company with a history of nearly 60 years of establishment and development. Roland Berger owns a global operating network with 53 offices in 35 countries, and a senior staff of hundreds of directors with deep expertise in 17 research fields. Roland Berger has experience serving more than a thousand partners, of which up to 40% of partners are the world’s largest companies, and is also a knowledgeable and experienced strategic consulting unit in Vietnam. with a team of leading consultants in various fields.

At the ceremony, both parties signed a contract to provide strategic consulting services. According to the contract content, Roland Berger will design solutions to implement development strategies in production and business, especially experience and the ability to connect businesses with institutions, financial organizations, and sea transportation as well as leading international logistics.

Building VIMC’s development strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2035, is a key task of VIMC in the current period. VIMC expects that Roland Berger’s consulting products will have many modern, groundbreaking, international and long-term ideas, exploiting VIMC’s potentials and advantages. In addition, VIMC advanced Roland Berger to consider elements of information technology application, towards green technology to help VIMC create faster and more sustainable development in the near future.

VIMC’s development strategy for the 2021-2030 period determines: Developing integrated logistics service products on a digital technology platform with 3 pillars: maritime transport ship, seaport infrastructure system, warehouse yards and maritime service network. The Port operation sector will play a core and important role in the company’s development strategy. Shipping sector, especially container transport, is responsible for connecting to form an integrated logistics service chain provided to customers.

For Shipping sector, VIMC plans to develop a new generation, specialized ship with modern technical features, environmentally friendly, and restructure the ship in the direction of increasing the tonnage of cargo container ships.

For Port operation sector, VIMC will focus on investing in in-depth development of existing ports, completing key and urgent projects on infrastructure, facilities, and equipment to increase scale tissue advantages. At the same time, concentrate resources and mobilize resources through joint ventures, partnerships, and investment cooperation with major partners to invest in building new deep-water seaports and international transshipment ports.

VIMC will also invest in developing warehouse infrastructure, ICD, depot… to form large logistics centers in key economic areas.