VIMC develops digital logistics ecosystem

26/10/23 10:12 AM

Information technology (IT) application and digitization are something maritime businesses have been doing to improve production and trading efficiency, minimize greenhouse gas emissions and reach green development.

Digital, green logistics

Green port and shipping development has become a task and big challenge for Vietnamese maritime enterprises. Shipping businesses need to follow the world’s digitization trend and go green and digital if they are to survive, reach sustainable development and contribute to turning Vietnam into a major logistics center.

Many member businesses of the Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) have begun to go digital in order to improve business efficiency and protect the environment.

Smart Gate đã chấm dứt cảnh xếp hàng chờ đợi làm thủ tục ở cổng cảng. Ảnh Đức Mạnh

Hai Phong Port is gradually applying the most modern technologies.

Hai Phong Port is gradually applying the most modern technologies. It is constructing Tan Vu Port and Container Terminals 3 and 4 at Lach Huyen deep-water port. Tan Vu Port has applied a smart gate through which all container delivery operations are automatically handled. Smart Gate is the next step of the electronic port (ePort) service software to dramatically change the enterprise’s digitization process.

Da Nang Port in the central region is also applying ePort and automated container gate (AutoGate) to save time, increase business efficiency, simplify paperwork, reduce costs and fuel consumption, and protect the environment.

Saigon Port officially applied the SGPTOS at its member Tan Thuan Port. On October 5, 2023, Tan Thuan Port officially put into operation the VTOS system to replace the old CATOS in order to better serve container operation, management and exploitation.

With many outstanding features, SGPTOS, in the coming time, will certainly bring many practical benefits to help Saigon Port optimize management, administration, supervision, payment and information search, and improve economic efficiency and the quality of port operation services.

Saigon Port leaders have highly rated the SGPTOS solution. SGPTOS together with VSL (VietNam Smarthub Logistics) will help establish cargo stevedoring plans for ships and yards, optimize loading locations and quicken cargo stevedoring, manage containers on yards and ships, and provide online services, warehouse and yard management services and other services such as online service registration; online payment, electronic invoice; customs liquidation; goods, yard and ship schedule information look-up; and EDI data exchange, among others.

Autogate has helped Da Nang Port become one of the smartest and most modern online seaports in the central region

Important goal

IT application and digitization are an important part and goal of VIMC’s 2021-2025 development strategy.

VIMC enterprises focus on technology investment to create a common platform connecting maritime service businesses and improve competitiveness in chain service provision, opening up new types of business on the digital platform.

Digitization makes it easier and more convenient for businesses to learn about customer behaviors and expectations in order to improve products and services, the efficiency of using assets and human resources, increase productivity, and better monitor production and trading activities.

In the field of shipping, VIMC said it will strongly apply digital technology in managing and using materials and spare parts, minimizing fuel consumption, and enhancing ship operation efficiency.

Regarding seaport operations, digitization helps connect ports with customers, shippers, relevant agencies and VIMC member businesses, simplify procedures, create favorable conditions for customers and improve service experience for customers.

For maritime services, businesses strongly apply IT in logistics activities to manage connection activities, exploit warehouses, yards and fleets, control costs and fuel, and update customers on service information in a timely manner.

VIMC businesses will generate efforts to bring into play their potential, cooperate with each other to make VIMC a leading enterprise, and advanced technology application is considered crucial for the corporation’s development in the new period.

With the maritime sector’s strong development, in addition to the growth of overland, aviation and railway industries, Vietnam is expected to become a logistics center in the region and the rest of the world.