Đình Vũ Port allowed to receive big vessels

14/12/22 7:03 PM

Rất tiếc, mục này chỉ tồn tại ở Tiếng Anh (Mỹ).

The Ministry of Transport has just approved a proposal from the Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) to use Đình Vũ port to handle containers and receive vessels up to 40,000 DWT.

The project is piloted for 6 months from December 12, 2022. Accordingly, VIMC is responsible for building facilities, port infrastructure and arranging loading and unloading equipment to ensure that it fully meets the conditions for container cargo operation.

Đình Vũ Port is one of the key port projects of VIMC. It is located in the Non-Tariff Zone and Nam Đình Vũ Industrial Park – the most important hub of international and inland commercial goods transportation in the North.

The port not only stands out with the most favorable location and largest scale, but also because of its capacity to accommodate the largest vessels in Đình Vũ area. The whole project scale includes seven container berths, 65 hectares of total area, 1.5 km length of berth, with total investment of up to VNĐ6,000 billion, and total capacity of nearly 2 million TEUs and 3 million tons per year.